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Plating & Plate Presentation

You’ve mastered gourmet recipes and now it’s time to match your plating & plate presentation skills for the ultimate table setting! Bridge the gap between fine dining and at-home entertaining by using designer dinnerware as a backdrop for your delicious creations. While the food won’t stay intact for along (who could resist?) this only makes presentation all the more important. You only have a few seconds to make an impression so you have to make it count! So have a look through our articles on arranging the perfect plate no one will be able to resist! Stun your guests with gorgeously presented culinary masterpieces and be remembered at the perfect host with our blog!

Valentine cake recipes - 3 beautiful plates with heart shaped little cakes in them

3 Delicious Valentine Cake Recipes!

Cakes of love – Romantic Valentine cake recipes for you to share. Valentine’s Day comes around only once a year! Show your loved one how much you care about them, with a homemade Valentine’s Day cake. Find the perfect sweet cake for your sweetheart with these festive Valentine’s Day cake ideas. Bake these beautiful little heart-shaped […]

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