#1 Dad has to have a burger on a cake stand!

Burger Plate

This Fathers Day, present your dad with the best burger plate! You’re daddy’s girl and you’ve mastered the art of burger plating. Yes, you have! On Father’s Day, prepare delightful mouth-watering, pleasing to the eye, gourmet burgers and surprise your dad with a burger on a cake stand; the absolute burger plate. This Father’s Day share special moments together with burger plating that works with both: Pink and Black or Black and Pink! Make his heart swell with pride knowing how much you care for him!

Burger plate Crys is a designer cake stand on bronze handmade pedestal, designed in deep night blue and our own
Burger plate Dicra is gorgeous, flushed in soft shell pink and adorned with our royal “Venetian Filigree” design, Dicra sits on shiny handcrafted bronze supports
Burger Plate Pauli is a glass cake stand in deep night blue colour decorated with our royal
Byrger plate set of two dessert platter in sweet soft shell pink and creatively adorned in our curvy “Vivace” pattern
Burger Plate Nelly is a rectangular dessert platter on glass feet in deep night blue with our

Cake Stands

In the middle of the table, present a throne for his Majesty – The Big Gourmet Burger! That’s the purpose of Crys! With a diameter of 35 cm, she is your burger display stand in deep night blue.  Decorated with the royal “Venetian Filigree” pattern, she sits on a handmade bronze pedestal. Perfecting a great first impression has never been so easy. Once you acquire Pauli as one of your treasures, you will be able to create an amazing home event and present your friends with an exquisite cake… errr, sorry, black gourmet double decker burger! With a diameter of 27.5 cm, Pauli can carry off the bamboo charcoal powder burger with class! In gorgeous deep night blue, adorned with the “Venetian Filigree” design and resting on shiny handmade bronze supports, Pauli is pure magic! 

Now imagine Pauli but in soft shell pink and adorned with our “Venetian Filigree” design. Meet Dicra! Dicra can’t wait to be placed on your table to wonderfully present white bun with quinoa white bean mini burgers! What are you waiting for?

Presentation Platters

Casey is the perfect platter for mini white bun burgers to serve these bites of deliciousness. Your dad appreciates your humour and your distinctive presentation is sure to put a smile on his face! Casey is a set of two raised platters in sweet soft shell pink and creatively adorned in our floral curvy “Vivace” pattern. The size of the bigger platter is 35×33 cm while the smaller one is 29x28cm. Casey is the perfect solution for a bright and fun mini burger plate design. Taste first with your eyes when you choose Nelly and give him the additional option of black mini burgers. Nelly is a rectangular platter on four glass supports in deep night blue decorated with the “Vivace” pattern. Dazzle your dad with a fascinating presentation of mini burgers to make him feel special.

Unexpectedly Great Burger Plating!

Who would have thought – burgers on a cake stand! A surprise burger plating gift that will linger in his memory forever. Do it as a pair: Pink and Black to create a cute contrast of genders. Enjoy a beer with your dad, spending quality time, being the daughter and the woman your dad loves on Father’s Day! Allow him to appreciate your wit, style and gourmet recipes, in a flawless afternoon together. Be a #1 for your #1 and share the Love.

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