Mismatched Table Settings For Christmas In "July"!

christmas in july - christmas table decor - mismatched dinnerware

Celebrate Christmas in July with a unique mismatched table dinner set sure to delight your family and friends. Old friends are the best friends! Show your appreciation for each of your guests by creating a mismatched dinner set to showcase their unique personality. Explore the possibilities of colour, texture and shape with a selection of mismatched dinner plates for an eccentric and sophisticated dinner party filled with food, fun, laughter, love… and presents!

mismatched dinner set - white and gold plates - christmas in july
mismatched dinnerware - white and gold table setting - christmas in july
blue gold place setting - christmas in july - luxurious dinnerware
navy blue dinner set - christmas in july - snowflake decoration on plates
mismatched dinner set - christmas in july - white and gold plates with decoration
christmas in july - champagne glasses - christmas table decor

Christmas in July with mismatched table settings

Christmas in July is a time to impress. Fiola provides the perfect base for your mismatched table setting. This classy dessert plate is 32.3cm in diameter and comes in a soft cream in our lattice Venetian Filigree pattern. Abha is a stylish risotto plate with a softly raised rim in our unique Perky Chrysanthemum pattern. This lovely round plate is 27 cm in diameter, and the delicate cream colour adds a touch of sophistication. Add Laya as an adorable finishing touch. A delicate matte gold side plate in our Venetian Filigree pattern, Laya will provide your mismatched table with a glamorous pop of colour.

Unique pieces for a Christmas in July table setting

Celebrate your friends’ unique personality and create the perfect mismatched table setting to suit their style. For the ultra-stylish friend, Vossi is the perfect choice of dinner plate for your Christmas in July celebration. Vossi has a diameter of 25.5 cm and is made special with a stunning splash of matte gold. Laya is our versatile side plate with an elevated rim that complements the gold in Vossi, creating a beautifully mismatched table setting.

Mismatched dinner settings to celebrate Christmas in July

For the friend who embodies quirky style, fun and positivity, a Christmas in July combination of Abha and Vega is simply perfect. Keep the colour palette consistent, and clash your patterns to create a sophisticated, yet uniquely mismatched table setting. Abha takes on a new personality when paired with Vega, a round side plate in our Retro Sixties pattern. Used as a side plate or to serve traditional Christmas pudding, Vega adds sophisticated fun to your mismatched table setting.

Sophisticated mismatched dinner setting for Christmas in July

Echo patterns, then create contrast, for a polished Christmas in July mismatched table setting. Alpi is a round dinner plate in our Venetian Filigree design in a sophisticated night blue. This exquisite plate is 25.5 cm in diameter and sets an elegant tone for the rest of your mismatched table setting. Owen is a round side or dessert plate with an elevated rim. In Venetian Filigree pattern in the same beautiful night blue, the combination of these matching pieces will make a divine impression when added to any table setting. Choose Eva to add a dash of whimsy to your elegant setting. With a Perky Chrysthanthemum design in a soft cream colour, Eva adds romance and sophistication to your Christmas in July table setting.


Enjoy Christmas in July in the company of your nearest and dearest, surrounded by unique mismatched table settings, love and laughter!


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