Gather the family around a table that enchants relatives of all ages!

Easter egg basket bowl on pedestal

Sleep in late on Easter Sunday, then enjoy a festive lunch with the people you love the most. Present your Ester egg pastries on delicate pastel glassware that showcase both your holiday spirit and your elegant sense of style.

Easter egg basket bowl on pedestal Mardy is a sweet, cream coloured ice cream bowl adorned with our lattice Venetian Filigree pattern on a stem. Next to Mardy there is a lovely forest decorative hedgehog
Easter egg basket leaf shaped platter Zahra is a leaf shaped fruit platter in cream with light dawn blue highlights. Zahra is in between a forest environment with hedgehog and classy Easter decoration, cupcakes and golden Easter eggs
Easter egg basket bowl on pedestal
Easter egg basket small bowl Alia is a creatively shaped small bowl, decorated in a blissful mix of light dawn blue and cream colours with golden eggs in it

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